Rasha Al-Fakih(7 Years old). . . Houthi shell causes of losing her foot, and her dream in life


Wrote     2020/09/28

On May 3, 2017, when "Rasha Al-Faqih" was on the mission to bring the family's needs from a grocery store next to her home in "Al-Mushki" neighborhood in Taiz city.

On her way home, a mortar shell landed near her and the flying sharpnel resulted in injuries to her right foot and small parts of the body.The simple supplies she brought were mixed with blood and gunpowder, only three screams cried before she fainted, which were enough to stir the feelings of her father, who was distracted by the strong sound of the explosion, so he went out quickly to find out the fate of his daughter, to see her covered in blood by a Houthi shell on the way back home.
Her father Mahmoud Al-Faqih (40) says to the PLATFORM OF RESISTANCE : “When I saw her lying on the ground and her clothes were stained with blood, I lost the ability to walk to her and became weak due to the ugly view.”
"I called the neighborhood' citizens to help with the aid of my daughter, I thought that she died and felt so scared that I couldn't approach her," he adds.
The 7-year-old girl was treated at Al-Thawra Hospital, there doctors, after providing first aid to her, decided to amputate her right foot, when they saw the bone was completely broken and it is impossible to return it, so they asked her father to sign the amputation report.
The Houthi shells didn't leave the civilians and the injured child alone,!they "the Houthis" bombed Al-Thawra Hospital with shells, to double the fears of her father and his insanity, when he heard his daughter saying to him, "Dad, let's run from the shells" as if she didn't know that a Houthi shell had amputated her foot.
"I was displaced, moving in various neighborhoods of Taiz, for fear of Houthi shells, which would catch one of my family members," great sadness,said her father.
"The Houthi militia does not show mercy to anyone, neither young nor old. Its approach is killing and destruction wherever it goes." he added.
Three years after her injury, the child "Rasha" lives in defiance of the physical disability that deprived her of part of her leg with a prosthetic foot, and returned to her school. Also, her psychological trauma has faded away and the tragedy forgotten, she tries today to obliterate the tragedy of her family and her father's sad defeats towards her and she returned to continue her education.
Rasha says that many children walk with the same prosthetic foot, and the majority of them have had the same fate as hers as a result of the Houthi militia’s crimes and their indiscriminate bombing of the city of Taiz.

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