The Houthi militia blows up school west of the Hays, south of Hodeidah


Wrote     2020/09/23

The Iran-backed Houthi militias blew up,on Monday, "Al-Kifah" school, located in Shaab Bani Zuhair, west of Hays district, and turned it into rubble.

With this crime, the Houthi militia deprived the people of the countryside in Hays from their right to education, forcing them to join its ranks on the battlefronts and its sectarian and ideological centers.

The Houthi crime coincides with the anniversary of the catastrophe of the 21th September , during which the Iranian militia took control of most of the cities and demolished the pillars of the Yemeni state.

The Houthi crime is part of the terrorist militia series of demolishing infrastructure, spreading illiteracy and backwardness, to bring back the reign of the Imamate that was ended by the 26th of September Revolution.

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